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XPRO For IOS And Android is now Available
[Image: 8PPg3pd.jpg]
XPRO is now available for IOS and Android.

[Image: jdOk9QY.png]
We have a new update on our XPRO, Please follow the instructions below to install the Application Correctly.
And XPRO IOS Version is now available!
1. Please Open your Google Chrome Browser on your Android phone then visit this website,
If you have an iPhone Open Safari then Visit this website,
2. Then Tap The 3 Dot Icon on the right side of the screen then find and Tap "Add to Home screen", then Tap "Add".
If you have an iPhone Press The Box with the Up Arrow Icon.
3. After installing the Application, find the XPRO On your Home Screen then tap the icon to open the XPRO.
4. Enter Server Name is "Mjolnir RO" after you type the server name press Start/OK.
Congratulation! You have successfully Installed the Latest Version of Mjolnir RO's XPRO, Enjoy!

[Image: LjNaH9p.png]

Landscape (horizontal) mode is recommended for better resolution

Everything is downloaded "on the fly", so it will take a long time to load maps the first time, as the game has to download the map, npcs, all items before it can load them

Playing on Wifi is extremely recommended for faster game play
Recommended device specs: Min. 2GB RAM and Good connexion (WiFi or 4G+/5G) with unlimited bandwith.
[Image: MReDoQ3.png]

Ragnarok online is an almost 20 year old game that was designed to be exclusively played on computers. While we do offer the option to play on mobile, please keep in mind that mobile game play will never be as smooth as playing on a computer. However, we do believe it offers some accessibility advantages while you are aware from your computer. At the very minimum it can be used to log in-game and chat with friends. We discourage any intensive game play such as PvP, WoE, Battlegrounds or Instance Dungeons to be done on the mobile device, as players will never be able to compete against computer users.

This tool is relatively new and bugs/crashes are to be expected. We encourage all our players to keep this in mind while they enjoy MjolnirRO on their mobile device. Any bugs, issues, suggestions can be posted on this topic. However, the mobile client is developed by an external developer, which means 99% of all bugs/suggestions will need to be solved by the XPRO team and not the MjolnirRO team.

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