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  5v5 War Event Tournament
Posted by: GM Rinlojw - 11-27-2020, 01:30 AM - Forum: Forum Event - No Replies

5v5 WAR EVENT Tournament

When: November 29, 2020 Sunday Night

Time: 10:00PM

Prize: 10,000 Rok Points in team + 15 Event Ticket in team+ (Costume Zodiac Sign Head-gears with All-stats+1) each member

Consolation Box for participants

1. The tournament will be a 5 vs 5 team match

2. Party name should only consist of 4 alphanumeric characters. (eg. "TMJO")

Register your team Here at the forum

Click>> http://playmjolnir-ro.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7

Example Registration Format:

Party Name: TMJO (Make sure you own the party name before registering it here as this is going to be a PARTY RECALL)

In game names: = Job

1. Player1 (Job)

2. Player2 (Job)

3. Player3 (Job)

4. Player4 (Job)

5. Player5 (Job)


1.No repeating jobs = clown / gypsy ( choose 1 only)

2.Using Creator / Biochemist Restriction: Only 12pcs Both Bottles Only per round

3.No 3rd Party Buffs Outside: Links ,Whitesmith Skills, Assumption , Service, FCP, Unless your job is in the party.

4.All members should not leave in the party during War.

5.All the members should the same Guild.

MAP: guild_vs2 gvg:map

Ban Skills and Usables:

1. No Homunculus / or any type of Pets. / No bowman Scroll

2. Disabled skill: Hiding, Cloaking, Chase Walk.

3. Disabled card: Frilldora, Smokie

4. Disabled card: Marc Card, Evil Druid Card

5. No Assumption Scroll

6. No Speed Potion

7. No Halter

Match Rules:

1) Respect the game masters at all time. Any signs of disrespect can lead to disqualification.

2) Best of 3 per match with 5 minutes max time limit.

3) The championship match will be Best of 7.

4) If the match still continues after 5 minutes, the team with more members will be the winner.

5) The start of a match will be signaled by the GM/s.

6) Players can start their buffs once signaled by the GM/s.

7) The tournament will be set to WoE mode.

8) GM/s decision is final.

9) GM/s can change the rules anytime with proper announcements before the event.

10) Both Team's have DC call when the player is not active. just PUB in the middle of the arena " We give 2mins for both teams to get ready.

11) Rules may apply during in-game / Event.

Last Submission Sunday 12:00pm

We need 3 Parties to begin this Event

  XPRO For IOS And Android is now Available
Posted by: GM Chiro - 11-23-2020, 07:42 PM - Forum: Announcement - No Replies

[Image: 8PPg3pd.jpg]
XPRO is now available for IOS and Android.

[Image: jdOk9QY.png]
We have a new update on our XPRO, Please follow the instructions below to install the Application Correctly.
And XPRO IOS Version is now available!
1. Please Open your Google Chrome Browser on your Android phone then visit this website, http://xpro.vykimo.com.
If you have an iPhone Open Safari then Visit this website, http://xpro.vykimo.com.
2. Then Tap The 3 Dot Icon on the right side of the screen then find and Tap "Add to Home screen", then Tap "Add".
If you have an iPhone Press The Box with the Up Arrow Icon.
3. After installing the Application, find the XPRO On your Home Screen then tap the icon to open the XPRO.
4. Enter Server Name is "Mjolnir RO" after you type the server name press Start/OK.
Congratulation! You have successfully Installed the Latest Version of Mjolnir RO's XPRO, Enjoy!

[Image: LjNaH9p.png]

Landscape (horizontal) mode is recommended for better resolution

Everything is downloaded "on the fly", so it will take a long time to load maps the first time, as the game has to download the map, npcs, all items before it can load them

Playing on Wifi is extremely recommended for faster game play
Recommended device specs: Min. 2GB RAM and Good connexion (WiFi or 4G+/5G) with unlimited bandwith.
[Image: MReDoQ3.png]

Ragnarok online is an almost 20 year old game that was designed to be exclusively played on computers. While we do offer the option to play on mobile, please keep in mind that mobile game play will never be as smooth as playing on a computer. However, we do believe it offers some accessibility advantages while you are aware from your computer. At the very minimum it can be used to log in-game and chat with friends. We discourage any intensive game play such as PvP, WoE, Battlegrounds or Instance Dungeons to be done on the mobile device, as players will never be able to compete against computer users.

This tool is relatively new and bugs/crashes are to be expected. We encourage all our players to keep this in mind while they enjoy MjolnirRO on their mobile device. Any bugs, issues, suggestions can be posted on this topic. However, the mobile client is developed by an external developer, which means 99% of all bugs/suggestions will need to be solved by the XPRO team and not the MjolnirRO team.

  Getting stuck at gepard
Posted by: SendNoobs - 11-20-2020, 08:14 AM - Forum: Technical Support - No Replies

Pa help nman po, na sstuck ako sa gepard. tried reinstalling it pero same parin and ng run as an admin na din

  Failed to connect to server.
Posted by: theskyking24 - 11-11-2020, 04:24 AM - Forum: Technical Support - Replies (1)

Can't connect to server please help. I already tried reinstalling with full installer still can't access. RIP free 3days VIP.  Undecided

  Skill buh for cp user
Posted by: Romalliv99 - 11-06-2020, 12:13 PM - Forum: General Dissussion - Replies (1)

Ok na po ba ung issue sa skill ng cp user? Ty

  mobile user problem
Posted by: menors - 11-06-2020, 03:10 AM - Forum: General Dissussion - Replies (1)


i have problem on game using mobile.
i'am stack on loading screen that said "touch start game"

please help. thank you

Heart Server Information
Posted by: admin - 11-04-2020, 06:24 AM - Forum: Features and Settings - No Replies

Server Information

Episode 12: Destruction of Morroc
Mechanics: Pre-Renewal
Available Class: Transcendent Class
Max Attack Speed: 190
Max Stats: 99
Instant Cast: 150 Dex
Guild Capacity: 36
Party Member: 12
Party Gap: 15
MVP Card: Disabled
Godly Item: Disabled
Max Client: 2x
PVP Mode: MVP Maps

Base Experience: 20x
Job Experience: 20x
Equipment Drop: 3x
Card Drop: 3x
Common Drop: 3x
Healing Drop: 3x
Usable Drop: 3x
MVP Drop: 1x
Happy hour 25x25x5

Hourly Reward
Daily Reward
Hunting Mission
Custom Headgear Quest
Limited Weekly Headgear
Automated Hourly Events
Party Bonus System
PVP, MVP, Zeny Rankings
Player and Guild of the Month
Gepard Shield (No Bot, No Third Party Programs)

Android: PandRO

nobc ( No broadcast )
messagefilter (Message Filter )

Disabled guild alliance.

Baba-Yaga Piece of Cake drop rate to 15%
Desert Wolf Stiletto drop rate to 1.5%
Enchanted Peach Tree Royal Jelly drop rate to 12%
Mavka Crystal Mirror drop rate to 15%
Mavka Witherless Rose drop rate to 3%
Myst Case Piece of Cake drop rate to 15%
Pasana Stiletto drop rate to 1.5%
Sleeper Great Nature drop rate to 24%
Red Mushroom Red Blood drop rate to 12%
Black Mushroom Crystal Blue drop rate to 12%
Incubus Mastela drop rate to 15%
Succubus Mastela drop rate to 15%

Bloodied Shackle Ball drop rate to 3%
Diabolus Armor drop rate to 8%
Diabolus Boots drop rate to 5%
Diabolus Robe drop rate to 5%
Flame Manteau of Naght Sieger drop rate to 50%
Combat Knife drop rate to 10%
Ice Pick drop rate to 10%
Nydhorgg's Shadow Garb drop rate to 5%
Bison Horn drop rate to 8%
Ledger of Death drop rate to 8%
Staff of Destruction drop rate to 8%
Variant Shoes drop rate to 5%
Valkyrian Armor drop rate to 5%
Valkyrian Manteau drop rate to 10%
Valkyrian Shoes drop rate to 10%