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5v5 War Event Tournament - GM Rinlojw - 11-27-2020

5v5 WAR EVENT Tournament

When: November 29, 2020 Sunday Night

Time: 10:00PM

Prize: 10,000 Rok Points in team + 15 Event Ticket in team+ (Costume Zodiac Sign Head-gears with All-stats+1) each member

Consolation Box for participants

1. The tournament will be a 5 vs 5 team match

2. Party name should only consist of 4 alphanumeric characters. (eg. "TMJO")

Register your team Here at the forum

Click>> http://playmjolnir-ro.com/forum/showthread.php?tid=7

Example Registration Format:

Party Name: TMJO (Make sure you own the party name before registering it here as this is going to be a PARTY RECALL)

In game names: = Job

1. Player1 (Job)

2. Player2 (Job)

3. Player3 (Job)

4. Player4 (Job)

5. Player5 (Job)


1.No repeating jobs = clown / gypsy ( choose 1 only)

2.Using Creator / Biochemist Restriction: Only 12pcs Both Bottles Only per round

3.No 3rd Party Buffs Outside: Links ,Whitesmith Skills, Assumption , Service, FCP, Unless your job is in the party.

4.All members should not leave in the party during War.

5.All the members should the same Guild.

MAP: guild_vs2 gvg:map

Ban Skills and Usables:

1. No Homunculus / or any type of Pets. / No bowman Scroll

2. Disabled skill: Hiding, Cloaking, Chase Walk.

3. Disabled card: Frilldora, Smokie

4. Disabled card: Marc Card, Evil Druid Card

5. No Assumption Scroll

6. No Speed Potion

7. No Halter

Match Rules:

1) Respect the game masters at all time. Any signs of disrespect can lead to disqualification.

2) Best of 3 per match with 5 minutes max time limit.

3) The championship match will be Best of 7.

4) If the match still continues after 5 minutes, the team with more members will be the winner.

5) The start of a match will be signaled by the GM/s.

6) Players can start their buffs once signaled by the GM/s.

7) The tournament will be set to WoE mode.

8) GM/s decision is final.

9) GM/s can change the rules anytime with proper announcements before the event.

10) Both Team's have DC call when the player is not active. just PUB in the middle of the arena " We give 2mins for both teams to get ready.

11) Rules may apply during in-game / Event.

Last Submission Sunday 12:00pm

We need 3 Parties to begin this Event